Field Trips

Student Panorama of a visit to the ZMA.

The ZMA strives to be a premiere, low-cost field trip destination for students of all ages. Docent-led tours are creative and interactive to enhance what you do in the classroom. Combine your visit to the ZMA with a tour of Kennesaw State’s gorgeous campus, a visit to the award-winning on campus dining facility, or just plan to spend your time with us. Admission to the museum is free and there is no cost for a field trip.

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Secondary Tour Themes

Option 1: Art and Identity Students will be asked to examine how identity can inform works of art. What defines identity? Students will look at the different aesthetics, cultures, communities, and perspectives that contribute to the meaning behind a work of art.

Option 2: Art and Narrative Students are guided through out current exhibitions and explore how individual and group narratives can manifest in contemporary art.

Option 3: Art and Careers Students will learn about different career options in museums and the arts. ZMA staff will explain the different roles and responsibilities that make up a museum.

Museum Activities

Please note that these align with the Secondary Tour Themes.

Option 1: Defining Identity - Collaborative Portraits Students will be guided and work collaboratively to create portraits that are informed by concepts of identity.

Option 2: Narrative Writing in the Galleries Students are challenged with a grade-appropriate narrative writing exercise in the galleries. The exercises will encourage skills such as observation, visual literacy, inference, writing skills, and concept development.

Option 3: What’s Your Role? Students learn about careers in museums – and even get sorted into different museum jobs for a deeper dive into the world of museum careers!  

Campus Extra: Kennesaw State University Campus Tour

See what KSU has to offer! Students will be led on a highlights tour of Kennesaw State University’s Kennesaw campus.

Campus Extra: Lunch at the Commons

Have lunch at our award-winning dining hall, The Commons. We can help facilitate reservations for your group. Rates range from $9-12 per person. Contact us for the current group rate.

Have questions? Looking for something else? Contact Outreach + Education Manager, Katy Malone, at (470) 578-3223!

Image: A student's panorama of a visit to the ZMA. Featured artwork: Lynn Hershman Leeson. GMO Animals, Crops, Labs, 2013. Wallpaper. Exhibition: Transitions, Fall 2016.

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