Spring 2014 Senior Exhibitions

Fine Arts Satellite Gallery

Kennesaw State University's Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) candidates are required by the School of Art and Design to exhibit their work professionally prior to receiving their degrees. The students' work was showcased in the spring in three separate exhibitions.

Fine Arts Satellite Gallery, Joe Mack Wilson Building

Exhibition I: March 10 - March 22

The first spring exhibition featured candidates exclusively from the Graphic Communications major.

Artists: Maria Azarraga, Layne Baumgartner, Tyler Behl, Jenice Burke, Heather Byrd, Marisela Cisneros, Anna Clemens, Alex Eylar, Austin Fehn, Debbie Hampe, Madeline Johnston, Corrinne Koschewa, Maurice M. Meredith, Lauren Margaret Michel,l Saori Otsuka, Emily M. Seed, Darren Lance Shonyo, Colin Michael Skees, Yvette Ashea, Wade Selina, N.C. Walker, Taylor Marie White, Laura Michelle Zerlin

Exhibition II: April 8 - April 19

An eclectic group of BFA candidates from the Studio Art major was on display for the second senior exhibition.

Artists: Chris Boyko, Whitney Hackett, Devin Hunter, Cory Locatelli, Jessica Medovich, Alex Swan, Laura Shull, Natalka Tyniec, Laura Vela, Elizabeth Visscher, Kindra Wells, Camela Wininger

Exhibiton III: April 26 - May 8

The final senior exhibition of the spring showcased more BFA candidates from Studio Art.

Artists: Lindy Joy Blosser, C. Bouvier, Lela Brunet, Brenton Davis, Katherine Gilbreath, Megan Hunnicutt, Corey Lee Ingle, Windsor Reach, Kyla Reinagel, Shellee Lee Therrien, Jamie Winans

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