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Zuckerman Museum of Art | East Gallery
June 3 – July 30, 2017

The palindromic title of this exhibition is a metaphor that conjures images of cars looping endlessly around a track. Inspired by the Jean-Paul Sartre play No Exit, Racecar brings together artists that consider the nature of a limited and repetitive existence. This idea is explored through artwork that references film, pop icons, and stored memories. Artists include Richard Renaldi, Nick Madden, Robert Longo, Tori Tinsley, Kelly Kristin Jones, Esteban Patino, Marni Shindelman, S. Patricia Patterson, Marlene Lillian Hawthrone, David Herbert, and Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera.

Marking Time

Permanent Installation

Atlanta-based artist Beth Lilly presents a contemporary cairn to visually track and mark the history of the Zuckerman Museum of Art. Although the word “cairn” comes from the Celtic languages, the idea of piling stones as a monument is pan-cultural and its origins are prehistoric. In treeless uplands around the world, it has been traditional to build stone cairns along a route to mark the way. Each traveler added rocks as they passed so that over time, the cairn became more visible and thus, a better landmark. Marking Time will memorialize the collaborations between artists, the institution, and the public through a collection of stones and other objects.


Image: Installation image of Racecar that includes artwork by S. Patricia Patterson, Kelly Kristin Jones, and Tori Tinsley. Photo by the Zuckerman Museum of Art.

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