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August 29 - December 3, 2017

Medium considers how intangible vestiges of the past haunt our contemporary world. This idea of a persistent and disruptive presence that can consciously or unconsciously impact how we think and act is ghost-like in its (dis)embodiment. Ghosts, often portrayed in literature and films as restless spirits with an agenda, communicate through sensitive souls and individuals who purport to speak to the dead—mediums. This exhibition is advanced as a kind of séance with the artists and archival material serving as bridges to an uneasy past, mystical force or liminal space. Occasionally requiring a leap of faith, the emphasis is on exploration of the unknown and the power of the mind.

Kennesaw State’s 1st Biennial National Arts Program Exhibition Winners

Henriquez Atrium Gallery | Zuckerman Museum of Art
October 13 - December 3, 2017

Sponsored by The National Arts Program Foundation in support of the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw State proudly presented its first campus-wide employee art exhibition this semester. The exhibition featured artwork created by staff and faculty at KSU and their immediate family members. Eighty-nine people from across the KSU contributed 139 works of art for the show. The National Arts Program (NAP) gives artists at all skill levels the opportunity to exhibit their artwork professionally in Amateur, Intermediate, Professional, Teen, and Youth categories. Award recipients in each category were announced at a reception on September 18th and though the rest of the exhibition closed, the winning art work remains on view.

Fall 2017 Capstone Exhibitions and Portfolio Reviews

Joe Mack Wilson Building | Fine Arts Gallery

School of Art and Design students completing their Bachelors of Fine Arts are required to participate in a professional showcase of their work. The results contain art of various disciplines and materials representing individual styles and high levels of conceptual ability. This semester's series features students from concentrations that include art education, drawing and painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, and graphic communications in three separate exhibitions or portfolio reviews.

Exhibition I: Art Education
October 24th – November 9th
Reception: October 30, 5-7pm

Artists: Rebecca N. Holbrook, Phylis Fulp, Lisa S. Sponsel

Marking Time

Permanent Installation

Atlanta-based artist Beth Lilly presents a contemporary cairn to visually track and mark the history of the Zuckerman Museum of Art. Although the word “cairn” comes from the Celtic languages, the idea of piling stones as a monument is pan-cultural and its origins are prehistoric. In treeless uplands around the world, it has been traditional to build stone cairns along a route to mark the way. Each traveler added rocks as they passed so that over time, the cairn became more visible and thus, a better landmark. Marking Time will memorialize the collaborations between artists, the institution, and the public through a collection of stones and other objects.

Image: Susan MacWilliam, Library (detail), 2008. Color, Stereo, 14m 10s. Courtesy of the artist & CONNERSMITH, Washington, DC.

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