Emerging Curators Initiative

Emerging Curators Initiative

Call for Exhibition Proposals
Application Deadline Extended: March 1, 2017


The Zuckerman Museum of Art is committed to providing opportunities for emerging curators to realize ambitious and innovative museum exhibitions. The ZMA announces an annual call for exhibition proposals from emerging curators in the field of contemporary art. This opportunity is open to professional or independent curators with the vision and commitment to realize their first museum exhibition at the ZMA.


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The selected curator(s) will work with the ZMA’s staff of museum professionals to stage an exhibition or project in the ZMA’s galleries no less than 12 months and no more than 24 months from the date of notification. Selected curators will be assigned a ZMA staff curatorial liaison to assist with the realization of the project. Exhibitions will be presented in one of the main galleries (Mortin Galleries or East Galleries) in the ZMA during the summer block.

Proposals may be for a group or solo exhibition, however all artworks proposed for inclusion must be existing works. Due to time, budget, and administrative constraints, the ZMA does not permit the commissioning of new work through this opportunity.

The Emerging Curator will receive a $1,500 fee and an exhibition budget of $7,500 for the 2016-2018 cycle. This budget must account for all artist fees, crating/shipping, textual mediation, and specialized equipment. The ZMA will provide curatorial, administrative, and staff support to workshop the proposal and assist with its realization. The ZMA also provides preparators for install/deinstall, standard equipment, insurance of works, marketing and public relations, graphic design, opening reception, and possible public programming in collaboration with education staff.

Responsibilities of the Guest Curator

  • Prompt response and proactive communication with ZMA staff
  • Complete and submit all materials in compliance with deadline schedule
  • Draft curatorial mediation texts (introductory text, wall labels, etc.)
  • Research and provide all necessary information for ZMA to produce shipping schedule, artist contracts, loan forms, payment processing, etc.
  • Collaborate with ZMA education team on educational mediation and public events
  • Available to be on-site during exhibition installation, opening reception, and de-installation

Application Process

Submit the following materials via email to zma@kennesaw.edu:

  • Statement of Intent (one page)
  • CV and short bio
  • Exhibition Proposal

Please use the header "Emerging Curator Proposal" for your email.

Exhibition Proposals should include the following:

  • Working title
  • Project description (500 words) describing the concept and rationale
  • Checklist of works for inclusion (see below for details)
  • Short bio for each artist/practitioner included
  • Installation plan including a floor plan/exhibition layout
  • Simple proposed budget including artist fees

Elements of a Checklist

  • Image of the work
  • Artist
  • Title
  • Date
  • Medium
  • Dimensions (if applicable)
  • Components (for installation or performance)
  • Installation instructions: spatial needs, equipment requirements
  • Lender, Gallery, or person providing the work
  • Address
  • City, State, Country, Zip code
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Contact person and /or Registrar (if known)
  • Ship from city & address (if known)
  • Return to city & address (if known)

Elements of an Installation Plan

  • Brief description of your intentions with regard to the physical layout of your show. Focus on what you want to demonstrate with your exhibition and how you want to accomplish that in your physical installation. Describe your plans concerning lighting requirements, sound bleed between any artworks with audio, wall colors, etc.
  • Describe audio/visual or technical hardware specifications and installation requirements as applicable.
  • Basic layout of work using provided floor plan or sketch-up

Equipment requirements can be listed here but if they are, they should refer to a specific work of art. However, it is more productive to add them to your checklist.

Image: Rowland Ricketts, Untitled - After Te-Ita detail, 2010.

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